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  • A few more Japanese counters & a worksheet for you

    10 samurai

    Konnichiwa, I hope things are going great with your Japanese. A few lessons back we had some “counters” with the very genki 10 Little Samurai Song. Ninja Tip:  Do check it out if you forgot, it gets the word order stuck in your head! In English we have tons and tons of these things called […]

  • Japanese Days of the Week Free Poster


      I’ve got all my Japanese posters in the  download pack. And just as a special gift there’s a free one for you below!   Enjoy & thanks for supporting us throughout the year!

  • More Japanese Stickers in the Kitchen


    Hello, Thank you for all the amazing comments and feedback on the previous stickers (here and here!) So here’s a third and final set, this time for things in your kitchen! As always, do please share/like/pin them if you like them, it always keeps me motivated! Be genki, Richard P.S.  I think that’s it for […]

  • こいのぼり Koi Nobori for Children’s Day in Japan


    It is Koi nobori season in Japan, where families with boys hang these carp streamers outside. It’s pretty cool and is part of the Golden Week holidays. (Ninja Tip:  Don’t visit Japan during Golden Week!  It is the best weather but everyone goes on holiday this week so everywhere is packed and very expensive.  Wait […]

  • What does “da” mean in Japanese?


    Sara wrote in to ask: What does “da” means? For example: sou mitai da ne. And do japanese female use “da” ? “Da” is just the short, more casual version of “desu.”    Girls and boys can use it,  usually amongst friends, family etc.

  • What do I most look forward to when going back to Japan?


    I’m just about to get on a plane back to Japan for 6 weeks before I start my European tour of Italy, Slovakia and Ukraine. So what do I look forward most to when I get back to Japan? Cherry Blossoms?   They are in full bloom right now, but that’s not the main thing! […]

  • What does the dot between two words mean in Japanese?


    KLB wrote in to ask: What does the dot between the two words stand for? You usually only see this in Katakana words and it’s just to show where one word ends and another starts. (Because in Japanese you usually don’t have spaces between words like we do in English!) e.g. the famous Don Quixote […]

  • Does Japan use numbers like we do?


    Joseph wrote in to ask: Thank you for your awesome lessons. Id like to ask if they use numbers in japan as we do or if they write it in symbols ( i forgot name 😡 ). Usually you write numbers in regular arabic numerals i.e. 123456 etc. Sometimes you do see kanji numbers e.g. […]

  • A GenkiJapan.net scholarship to Japan?


    Nailah wrote in to ask: Dear Richard, My name is Nailah and my current goal is to study abroad in Japan for my sophomore year of high school. I have been browsing your site and your songs have taught me way more phrases and vocabulary than any old flashcards could. When I stumbled upon your […]

  • Why does Japanese have kanji?


    Clare wrote in to ask: I wonder why does Japanese have Kanji? Did the Japanese derived their language from the Chinese? The written language, yes, and that’s why there is kanji in Japanese, because it was copied from Chinese! And katakana and hiragana are also derived from kanji!

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