A few more Japanese counters & a worksheet for you


I hope things are going great with your Japanese.

A few lessons back we had some “counters” with the very genki 10 Little Samurai Song.

Ninja Tip:  Do check it out if you forgot, it gets the word order stuck in your head!

In English we have tons and tons of these things called “counters” for example a “bottle” of beer, a “cup” of tea, a “can” of coke or a “pack” of chips.

In Japanese it’s a lot easier, you just group them together depending on what shape or thing they are.

So if it’s a flat thing, like paper or concert tickets or t-shirts you use “mai.”

For machines and things it’s “dai.”

To make it even easier my friends over at Lingualift have put together a very cool little worksheet with lots of cool examples for you.

Ninja Tip:  If you’re wanting to go deep in to grammar, or indeed want to take your Japanese to the next level then do check out the full  Lingualift 14 day free trial.  I’ve had plenty of beers and coffee with the team and they certainly know their stuff.  I’m pretty sure we ended up arguing about language learning in 3 different languages at the same time!

And if you notice on the worksheet you can always cheat and use the “Universal Counters”  which is what Japanese people do when they don’t know which counter to use.

Ninja Tip:  Try asking a Japanese person what the counter for “okoto” is,  hardly anyone knows :)

Cool, that’s your lesson for today, tanoshinde!

Be genki,


P.S.  Good luck getting the samurai song out of your head :)

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