A GenkiJapan.net scholarship to Japan?

Nailah wrote in to ask:

Dear Richard,
My name is Nailah and my current goal is to study abroad in Japan for my sophomore year of high school.

I have been browsing your site and your songs have taught me way more phrases and vocabulary than any old flashcards could.

When I stumbled upon your FAQ section, I noticed that there had been multiple questions asking about traveling abroad to Japan and how to get the funds in order to do that. So I think that it would be beneficial to you and your website if you started a scholarship, or contest of some sort to help all of the Japan hopefuls. It is a terrible thing to be denied the experience of different cultures for financial reasons, and I know that you can make a difference.

Please consider it,

Hi Nailah,  I don’t think I quite have the resources to set up a scholarship here! :)

But I know someone who does,  the Japanese government.  They are actually desperate at the moment to get foreign students to study in Japanese universities.  (Because basically there aren’t enough young Japanese people to fill all the places!)

And whilst the days of super funded scholarships with living expenses are over, there are some very generous offers on from the various government departments and universities.

They are of course very, very competitive, so you have to really work well and get really good.

The place to find out about all the options for you is to contact the Japanese embassy in your country.

If you’re willing to put the work in I’m sure they’ll have something for you!

Good luck!

Be genki,


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