After Pimsleur, what next?

Q: Hi Richard! I have a slight situation. I’m currently almost done the full Pimsleur Japanese lesson, but I want to continue learning Japanese. I won’t be going to Japan anytime soon (maybe not even for at least another five years!), so I am wondering if you know any steps I should take when I’m done with it to learn more? I prefer vocal teaching, but I also have several E-Books as well, to teach me how to read and write new words. I’m sure that alone isn’t enough though. I have already learned how to write hiragana and katakana, and all the compounds and whatever those ones with the ya/yu/yo beside them are called. Do you know of any other vocal lessons that I could get? Or do I have to just rely on E-Books for a long time? Thank you for the time to answer this, Richard.-  Johnny

A:  Congratulations on working your way through the Pimsleur course, that is going to be a big help and you should have the basic feel for how Japanese works.  Rather than concentrating on ebooks or writing, I’d recommend doing a quick google search for Japanese people wanting to do language exchanges.  You agree to chat on Skype once a week, half in English (for their English practice) and half in Japanese (for your practice).  It’s sort of like taking online lessons but for free!   Over time you’ll probably make a few friends who you chat to reguarly and to be honest I think it’s even more effective than actually being in Japan!

Be genki,


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  1. ed says:

    Hi Richard!
    After all Pimsleur “units” I wanted to start looking at doing “language exchanges” with Japanese speakers but im really worrid that I wont understand ANYTHING they say and it’ll be really awarked so I was hoping you could tell me abit about what it like?
    Thanks you!

  2. Richard says:

    No need to worry, they’ll also be wanting to speak English and can probably fill in the gaps – plus gestures go a long way! You’ll be fine!

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