What to do after Pimsleur?

Q: I have a question. I’ve been doing the pimsleur japanese and getting near to the end. Sometimes it drags but its been a great intro to Japanese. One thing though, what to do next??? – Russell

Hi Russell,

First of all congratulations on getting through the pimsleur, I was often in need of caffeine or exercise each day!

Seeing as you now have a really good base I’d suggest two things.

1) (This is the most important) set a timer and spend 50 minutes writing down, in English, everything you want to learn to say in Japanese. Keep it broad at first e.g. “talk about food” or “understand manga” or whatever. Then as the 50 minutes goes on, break each one down into specific sentences, phrases and situations. This will become *your* curriculum.

2) You need something more personalised than Pimsleur at this level, so head over to Livemocha.com and find a language exchange partner. It can take a while to sort out the slackers and weirdos (!) but don’t be afraid to “fire” those! After a dozen or so partners, you should find someone who can work with you and just work your way through the curriculum you wrote above. ┬áKeep your eye on the goal and you’ll make amazing progress.

The come back to me in six months, writing the question in fluent Japanese of course! :)

be genki,


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  1. Perth says:

    Love this advice, it’s really inspiring!

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