Cheap Place to Stay in Tokyo

Q: Hi Richard,
Thanks for your information on the web and for the email with tips.
I am looking for a cheap place to stay in Tokyo for over a month. Last time I went to Osaka I stayed in a long term hotel that was more like a cheap apartment, but I cannot find any in Tokyo using English in the search engines. Do you know what do I need to search in japanese to find website to book them?  Thanks,  Davide

A: Hi Davide,  the word you are looking for is マンスリーマンション – “Monthly Mansion”    Mansion being the Japanese word for apartment block rather than stately home.   For shorter stays you can also have ウィークリーマンション - Weekly Mansion.   They usually work out at around the same price as a cheaper business hotel,  but are usually a bit  larger (well, by Japan standards!) with often washing machines and a mini kitchen.  Enjoy the trip!

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