Do Japanese students spend a lot of time on the roof?

Q: Richard — I was thinking about this random question the other day: do Japanese students really spend a lot of time on their school’s roofs? I ask, because you see this happen in virtually all mangas with a school setting. Some research showed that most Japanese schools do have an accessible roof, but I couldn’t find anything definitive whether or not it was a common thing to go out on the roof. – Ewe

A: Hi Ewe,

Well this is a different question to start the new year!  Yes most schools do have the roofs so you can go up there, but no, most kids don’t spend much time up there!  Actually most Japanese kids don’t get free time full stop, it’s all club activities and after school school.   I think, but I’m not sure, that the manga artists just draw them like that because of artistic reasons, so you can some countryside in there and not just the inside of a classroom in each panel.

P.S.  If you couldn’t see the video in the previous email, you can see it here!

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