First Cherry Blossoms & a Very Lucky Escape!


I was out filming the early Cherry Blossoms for you and just look what happened!

(Click here if you are on email and can’t see the video)

Talk about a lucky escape!

6 Responses to “First Cherry Blossoms & a Very Lucky Escape!”

  1. Ms Washu says:

    LOL! April Foolishness has officially begun!

  2. nicolas foster says:

    Hey nice Video of early sakura blossoms.
    But the ending makes me think about its the 1st of April…うそ じゃない?

  3. sue says:

    Where abouts are you in Japan, which prefecture and city? when you filmed the cherry blossom?

  4. Crafty Mama says:

    April Fools? :)

  5. xxvanilaxx says:

    How did you make the car fly towards you?

  6. Richard says:

    Magic 😉

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