Genki Japan Printable Calendar for September

In Japan May has the  “Golden Week” holidays, and September has “Silver Week” where two public holidays usually coincide for a couple of nice long weekends.  Unfortunately this year the Autumn Equinox day falls on a Saturday, which means no extra day off for a lot of people!

But the “Repect for the Elderly” day is on a Monday – so a nice long weekend!

And it’s also the inspiration for this month’s calendar.

Please do like it, share it or pin it if you like it, it always motivates me to keep doing one for the next month! :)


P.S.  I’m actually in India at the moment helping out some more ultra low income schools.  Thank you for all your support, that’s what allows me to help with projects like this!  I’ll be back on email shortly to answer all your questions!

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