Getting a non-teaching job in Japan

Q: Hi i want to ask you is it hard to get a normal job in Japan.I know if your going to teach English there you can get one. But how is it with other jobs like your profession jobs or simple you know Guard, Cleaner or something. I’m learning JP and i want to know this if there is a possibility for me to live there. (Ofc. if i know good JP).Please if you have the time then write me back going to Japan is one of my dreams and living there would be for me a dream come true. –  Adrian

A:  Hi Adrian.  Just like with most other countries, there are two main hurdles, both of which can be overcome.  The first is immigration, which usually means you need a college (university for brits) degree or you need to be married to a Japanese.   Some countries also allow you to come on a working holiday visa, which can often be the easiest.

Then the next part is finding a job.  Again like most other countries you’ll more than likely need to speak the language fluently or be really, really, really respected in your industry with lots of experience.  Hence for many people, but not all of course, most professional jobs and/or low paid jobs would probably be difficult to get.

Having said that there are lots of foreign nationals doing all sorts of cool things in Japan so anything is possible if you put your mind to it!

In any case I’d always recommend a Location Free Lifestyle – that way you can choose to live almost anywhere, not just Japan!

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