Good way to meet people that speak Japanese?

Q: I am just starting Japanese and I was wanting to ask, what is a good way to find people that speak Japanese? – The Demon of White Fire but y’all can call me TD

A: Hi TD.   If you’re looking for fellow learners of Japanese, then you could pop across to the Genki Japan community on Youtube. If you’re looking for Japanese friends then probably the best thing to do is to try and do a language exchange with a Japanese person who wants to speak English.   You spend 30 minutes speaking English then 30 minutes speaking Japanese.  The best way to find them is to simply do a google search for “language exchanges”.   Or if you’re looking for people in real life then pop along to the local community college, uni etc. or wherever there are Japanese lessons or Japanese student exchanges.   Or you could of course just pop over to Japan! ; )

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