Have you ever been to Disneyland Tokyo?

Q: Dear Mr. Richard,
Your web site is amazing, as a middle school student I wish all my classes where taught like that.

I am really interested in Japanese language and culture and I was wondering if you have ever been to the Disney world in Tokyo?

Thank you for reading, – Lauren

A:  Hi Lauren and thank you for the nice words!

Yes indeed, I’ve been to Tokyo Disneyland many times – it’s fantastic!  And actually we have two here, the regular Disneyland Tokyo and also Tokyo Disney Sea which is a whole other Disneyland right next door.  Together they are known as Tokyo Disney Resort.

As you’ve probably guessed Disney is *hugely* popular in Japan.  There are Disney Stores everywhere and whenever people visit Disneyland they leave with huge, huge bags of presents to give to friends.

It’s also not just for kids, people of all ages go there and many of my friends go at least once a year!

I’m sure you will love it!

Be genki,


2 Responses to “Have you ever been to Disneyland Tokyo?”

  1. Takahide says:

    Hi Richard

    Yes, it is a wonderful place. Because it is so popular, I suggest people to avoid going there during school holidays or holiday seasons as it is often too crowded and have to wait on a long queue to get a ride or whatever. I am sorry for bit negative comments.

  2. Richard says:

    Not a problem, I once got free tickets for a Sunday and spent 3 hours (!) queuing for popcorn! Definitely go during the week in term time! :)

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