Hear and translate? + Boring Japanese

Q: hey, i love this site, it is awesome. I just have 2 questions
1: is it normal for when you hear a japanese word you know you just get the translation in your head without needing to think about it or do you actually need to think about it?

A: Glad you love the site!  Rather than hearing a Japanese word and then thinking about the translation, what good speakers do is to hear the Japanese word then relate it directly to the thing, feeling, object without going through English at all.  For example if you hear the word “inu” you instantly bring to mind a dog without ever thinking of the English word.   This naturally occurs once you reach a certain level, but you can improve yourself considerably if you try and nurture this skill as soon as you can!

Q: 2: you say that tradional textbooks and things teach you old boring stuff that nobody uses, how can i know which one do that and which ones teach you good stuff. – espio

A:  Well, GenkiJapan.net only has good stuff!  Most textbooks are really, really bad and to be honest I’d say if it’s a textbook then leave it.  But if it’s real Japanese like a real manga, anime or Youtube video then you can be pretty sure it will be authentic!

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