How do you say “where is the bathroom?” in Japanese

Q: Hey! I’m a big fan of this site, I’m really learning alot from here! But I just got one question; How do you ask “where is the bathroom?” in Japanese?-  Rebecca

A: Hi Rebecca, glad you like the site!  In Japanese, just like in England or Australia, if you ask “Where’s the bathroom?” (浴室はどこですか? yo ku shi tsu wa do ko desu ka?) they’ll actually show you the room that has the bath!

If you want to use the toilet, then you’ll ask “トイレはどこですか?( to i re wa do ko desu ka?).  You sometimes also see the word 手洗い (te a ra i)  which means “hand washing” but is actually a toilet.  You might also want to see this post:Women & Mens Bathrooms in Japanese

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