How old is “too old” to learn Japanese?

Q: Hi richard! I’ve been watching your videos and checking out your site, and they all contain a considerable amount of awesome.  I’d like to ask a couple questions if thats ok.

first question iiiis –    how old were you when you first stated learning japanese?

depending on your answer my next question may have allready been answered

question 2 – is 17 years old a little too late for me to start learning japanese?

I already know a couple odd words or phrases (half from your site and videos, and half from watching lots of anime) I was just unsure if its possible for me to become good at speaking fairly fluently, especially considering I got a D in my Spanish GCSE

Thanks :)

From David

A:  Hi David, glad the awesome factor is still there!

To answer your first question:  22.

To answer your second question:  See the answer to the first question!

Although it’s a lot easier to learn a language before you hit 10 years old, and a heck of a lot easier to teach to younger age groups, it’s certainly possible to learn later on in life and become totally fluent.  It’s just takes  more work and unlike kids who can pick up a native accent effortlessly, adults have to really work on getting rid of your foreign accent, which if you think of friends back home from foreign countries that can sometimes take a lifetime!  Luckily the Japanese accent is pretty easy though.

Don’t worry about the GCSE result, all that means is that you had a bad teacher!  Have a look at Genki Spanish!

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