How to find the time to learn Japanese?

Billy wrote in to ask:

I’m trying to learn Japanese but I am finding that I’m very time poor with other more important studies getting in the way. Can you suggest a method for keeping the Japanese ball rolling while not being able to spend the hours usually necessary to effectively learn? I’m still just a beginner but not having the time to rote learn the basics or fully work out and properly remember things is starting to get to me.

A few things, one is to set an exact goal so that you are learning Japanese that takes you to that goal, and not wasting time on things you don’t need.

For example don’t bother with the kanji yet if you are just planning on just speaking Japanese, or don’t bother with formal grammar if all you want to do is to listen to anime.

Also segmenting your time will really help.  For example switch off your phone, TV etc., set a stopwatch for 50 minutes and just do Japanese learning in that 50 minutes.  No more.  No less.   This is one of the most powerful techniques you can learn for being productive.

Plus have a look at this video here on how I manage to get so much done in the time we have:

And if you want some Japanese practice, here’s the same video in Nihongo!

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