How to get a job in aesthetics in Japan

Q: Firstly, I just want to state how helpful your site has been to me! I find learning Japanese on my own isn’t as hard as i initially thought it would be, because you’re site is so helpful!

I really want to move to Japan, because i love their culture. It inspires me. I’m soon to graduate from high school, and I am thinking of pursuing a career in the aesthetics field, such as a make-up artist, massage therapist, hair stylist, etc. If i went there on my own degree with this credentials, how hard would it be for me to find a job? Thanks for your time! –  Larissa

A: Hi Larissa,  unless you spoke really good Japanese or were super talented, I think it would probably be a bit tough to find a job in a normal company in Japan.  You know what I’d do,  you know those girls on youtube who get famous doing make up on camera?  Well, I’d do your own videos with your own original make up designs, but… present them in Japanese!  Then if you got popular I bet you’d have the TV inviting you over and  you never know where that would lead!

Be genki,


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