Getting a scholarship to Japan

Q: Hi Richard, please I want to know, when you get a Scholarship in Japan, where do we live, where do we eat, do we live in a place where there are other students, or all the students use the same shower. – Evelyn

A: It all depends on what type of scholarship you can get.  (There are lots around, contact your local Japanese Embassy first to see what details they can pass onto you, or of course, check out google!)    Many, but not all,  scholarships provide you with a good income whilst you are here.

Usually, but of course it varies, you’ll be put up in student accommodation.  These are usually self contained apartments, just like Japanese students live in.  You can make your own food or, and what I’d recommend, is to eat with the other students either in the refectory or local restaurants.  You’d usually have your own shower.

Some universities do have dorms though, with shared showers etc.  so do check.

Or you could be put in with a homestay family.  Here you stay with a Japanese family and live & eat with them.  This is the best for your Japanese, but of course you don’t have your independence.

In any case you’ll have an amazing time here, everyone should have the chance to study abroad!

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  1. Azeria Lloyd says:

    Do you know if there is any requirements to be a manga artist? Do i have to go to a manga school? And do they accept foreigners there because i have heard a lot of bad stuff about an American wanting to be a manga ka. Thanks

  2. Richard says:

    No requirements as such, but just like any creative job these days it’s all about the *following* you have. Not the skill of your artistry. Get videos on youtube, books on iBooks, Kindle etc., start a blog and get a huge fan base. Then people will start knocking on your door. And of course if you want the job to be in Japan, the manga and all the supporting tweets, facebook posts etc. etc. will all have to be in Japanese!

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