How to get confident in speaking Japanese?

Q: Hi Richard!  I enjoy reading your answered questions that come to my email.
Im a third year student majoring in Japanese at university. I dont feel confident in speaking up. Is there a way to overcome this??
よろしくお願いします – Jermane

A: Hi Jermane.  There is indeed a very simple (not easy, but simple!) way to overcome this and get more confident.  I made a quick video for you with my reply!


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  1. Remona says:

    This came in handy! I am from the netherlands, and this Japanese tourist started talking to me, i ended up having a fun conversation, and leading her to a restaurant where she needed to be! It was really fun!

  2. Kristina says:

    Konnichi wa! I love the e-mails and “hot tips” but I must say the video’s are more entertaining. Love em! Thanks so much.

  3. Samantha says:

    I can relate to Jermane beause when I did a recent language course in Japan I was shy about using my Japanese, too.
    However, I was actually more shy about using it in class than with my Japanese friends. Weird, huh? Perhaps, it was because my friends were just more relaxed about the speaking thing and we just basically had a laugh, even when I got it wrong or they got their English wrong (they practised their English a lot on me :-)).
    Also, I think what also helped was that they did not tend to correct every single mistake that I made as teachers tend to do. I think they were just happy that they could understand me.
    I also got talking to quite a few random strangers quite easily. One of my non-Japanese friends and I would こんにちわ and bow to workers who were standing around, people at temples and shrines, police officers etc. while passing by. We were just be polite and friendly as is normal in our countries and occasionally people would actually stop and have a conversation with us. Best experience ever!

  4. Rachel says:


  5. Keitei says:

    Wow! The video is awesome! This is so useful! 😀 I felt happy when you said Kotowaza! because I learned that was “proverbs” before and translated it before you said “sayings”!!!!!!!! (๑╹ワ╹๑)

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