How to learn anime Japanese?

Q: I been trying to learn Japanese for the longest time, I was first introduced to the language through anime and realized the huge difference between the anime that was produced in Japan compared to the re dubbed verisons we get in the states. when I listen to it and try to pick up the words it seems like they are talking as fast as possible and all the words just run into each other. I’m starting to be able to pick out a few but would you have any suggestions on how to be able to hear and reconize words from tv shows easier? – Josh

A: Help is on it’s way from this fantastic new website I’ve just found:

Learn Japanese in Anime & Manga (Tell them I sent you!)

It’s a very cool site and is made in Japan so is real Ninja, Samurai & Anime Japanese (unlike a lot of material made outside Japan!)

I’m sure you’re going to love it!

And if it’s any consolation then this is exactly what Japanese people say about American TV shows!

The trick is to learn a few key phrases, words etc, and then get all excited when you hear them in the shows.  This then gets you motivated to learn more and more and it’s a virtuous spiral where you can eventually listen to them just like English ones.

Now, the words that you hear in anime usually aren’t the sort of thing you learn in textbooks.  You don’t often hear Ninjas walking around saying “Which do you like better blue or red?”    so check out the site above and see how you go!

Oh, one other thing, don’t be tempted to learn “slowed down” Japanese.  It can be tempting, especially if you have a Japanese teacher, but it will make sure you never understand real speed anime.  The trick, like I said above, is to learn some of the popular vocab and then pick it out of all the jumble!

Enjoy the site!

Be genki,


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