How to learn “Kansai” dialect?

Q: Hi I’m Austin and I’ve wanted to move to japan almost all my life.  I wanted to go to Osaka from what I’ve heard about it. I know they speak kansai-ben so I was wondering if there is any learning program you know that teaches it? thanks – Austin.

A:  Hi Austin,

Simple answer: Don’t bother! :)  Kansai ben (dialect or accent) isn’t that much different at all from regular Japanese. We just tend to put “hen” on to the end of everything e.g.  so “shirimasen” (= I don’t know)  becomes “shirahen!”  You’ll pick it up once you get here and in work situations you’d usually use standard Japanese anyway.

Just one thing about Osaka, and not wanting to put you off the city of your choice, but ….  the other month I was in New Zealand, which looked like this:


And then I arrived back in Japan through Osaka, which looked like this ….


Not the best place on the planet if you value greenery or fresh air! 8)

Be genki,


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  1. Kayly says:

    Please recommend this site to Austin

    When I first came to Japan (Kansai) I got very confused when shopping at the market or shōtengai. Words commonly used there like “Ookini” are not in any electronic dictionary I have checked.

    Also please post a photo of Kobe to encourage him to move here.

    These photos are not so good but just to give an idea:

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