How to learn Spanish & Japanese at the same time?

I am Rebecca, and I am trying to learn Japanese. I am having a hard time because I am learning Spanish in school as well. I am a very busy person, and I plan to move to Japan once I have graduated high school. I am absolutely fascinated by Japan and it’s culture. Is there anything you can recommend for me to do to help me balance both languages at the same time? I want to learn Japanese more than Spanish, but Spanish is required for school. Thank you so much for helping people like me who want to try and learn another language. Especially Japanese, because it gets very frustrating at times!
Thank you so much, Rebecca

A: Hi Rebecca,  well done on wanting to learn both!  It is very doable,  most people in the World speak more than 1 or 2 languages, so it’s not that hard – unlike what many people who only speak English believe!

When you study two languages together, it’s the things that are similar that tend to confuse you.  So you should have no problems with the writing, but as Spanish and Japanese sound quite similar then that does bring up quite a bit of confusion.

What I would recommend would be to use totally different websites, CDs and ways of learning for the two different languages.  That should help a lot.

I learnt Spanish using the Pimsleur materials, but then found that if I use Pimsleur to learn any other language I just keep going to back to Spanish!  Similarly I did Italian in my final year of Uni, but when I tried using the same system to start Japanese it just didn’t work.  But now I try learning several new languages at once always in different ways and it seems to be working!

So try using different materials is my top tip.  And unfortunately that means is you are using to learn Japanese it’s probably not a good idea to use to learn Spanish!

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