How to memorise a list of Japanese words for a test?

Francis wrote in to ask:

If you have to memories a certain amount of japanese say for a test what steps or method would you use to efficiently memorise?

This only works for tests (not for speaking as such) but this is how I used to ace all my exams.

It’s very simple, just write down a list of all words you need and just keep reading them over and over for an hour.

You go crazy, but you won’t forget them, and if you practice you can get upto 100 words done in this hour.

You’ll forget them two days later, but hey, this is for exams!

One other trick I used was to record my reading all the words over and over and play this recording as a loop whilst I slept.  You won’t actually learn whilst you are sleeping, but those golden few minutes before you fall asleep and when you wake up are where you will absorb them.  I still use this technique now when learning languages!

Good luck!

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