How to say “good” in Japanese


Q: How do i say “good?” – Emily

A: Good is いい (ii) which you pronounce like the capital letter “E” to rhyme with “tree”.   But as it’s such an easy sound to mishear it’s often changed a bit in spoken Japanese.  For example you can say “いいね”  (i i ne) which means “Isn’t that good!”

Or if you want to say “That was good” it changes to “よかった” (yo ka tta) or よかったね (yo ka tta ne) which you hear all the time!

Or you could just say something like いい質問ね  ii shi tsu mon ne  – what a good question!

P.S.  If you want to say “good” as in “nice to eat”  then you say “oishii!”

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