How to say “I hate ..” or “I dislike….” in Japanese?


Q: Hey richard! your website it awesome. My question is, how do you say ‘I dislike/hate’ something? e.g. I dislike spiders.  -Ali

A:  Thanks Ali!

To hate in Japanese is 嫌い – kirai.  So to say you hate spiders you’d say クモが嫌い – kumo ga kirai!

You also hear obnoxious kids saying it all the time around town.

And over dramatic girls on TV are always saying “大嫌い” – dai kirai – I hate you with all the passion of a bug  being crushed by a herd of elephants.

But just as in English “嫌い” is quite a strong word, so you also say “dislike” in Japanese with  好きではありません – suki de wa arimasen or a little less formal is 好きじゃない – suki jya nai

Then again in Japan everyone is * really * polite so if someone asks you “これが好き?” – kore ga suki – do you like this? – you can also say ちょっと – chotto – in a hesitant voice which means “well, I don’t really like it …..  sort of …. ”  which is a polite way of saying  you don’t!

Politeness is always the best way to go!

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