How to say “I’ll take 3 umbrellas ” in Japanese

Q: Konnichiwa Richard Sensei,

I want to ask you about how to order things and all like how to say “I’ll take two strawberry cakes” or “I’ll take three umbrellas”? Thanks in advance! -Darren~ Peace out.

A:  Hi Darren,

Cool question.

As usual there is a textbook “official” way of saying this, and also the downright cheating real life way that Japanese people use everyday.

Needless to say I go for the latter!

(Ah, those Japanese, not following the textbook rules when speaking!)

So the ninja cheating formula is ….

Name of the thing you want + how many you want of it + kudasai

e.g.  イチゴケーキ   二つ ください

ichigo keeki futatsu kudasai

= strawberry cake 2 please

Dead easy!

or if wanted just one it would be イチゴケーキ 一つ(hitotsu) ください

Or …

傘 三つ ください

kasa mitsu kudasai

= umbrella three please

So if the counter for “four” is 四つ = yotsu and beer is ビール = biiru,  how do you say “I’ll take four beers please?”

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