How to say My, I want in Japanese

Q: Your website has helped me alot!=D…what is the most used style of writing in Japanese? How do you say “my, and i want” in Japanese? arigato gozaimasu!  – Da’Veena

A: Hi Da’veena,

Thank you very much for the nice comments!  The most popular style of writing in Japanese is everything except roman letters! 

Katakana, hiragana, and Kanji are all used all the time.

To your questions, if you use the word 私 (watashi) to mean “I” then “My” becomes 私の (watashi no).

Similarly you’ll hear guys saying 僕の (boku no) or 俺の (ore no) when talking with friends.

“I want” is ほしい (hoshii) in Japanese.  “You want” is also ほしい, as is “he wants” or “she wants”, it’s always just ほしい。   e.g. ビールほしい (I want a beer) or ゲームほしい(I want a video game)

Although just like the English it can be a little impolite in certain situations so it’s probably better to say ….ください (ku da sai) which is more like “I would like”  e.g.   ラーメンください (ramen kudasai!)

Be genki,


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