How to say “Princess” in Japanese – Hime sama or ojyou sama?


Bethany wrote in to ask:

Hi Richard! あなたのビデオがだいすき!
Your website has really helped me a lot in learning Japanese. But I have a slightly odd question for you.

My friend and I are writing a story, and she wanted to use the Japanese term for princess “おじょうさま” as part of the name. However, I thought that the way to use Princess ____ was to say “_____ひめ” like “Mononoke Hime”.

Which is correct? Are they interchangeable? Or is it the context you use it in that determines the word? Please help clear this up for us! Thanks in advance!

Yep, 姫 – Hime  – is the one to use after the name. :)

For example as you say もののく姫 or レイア姫 ( reia hime – guess who that is?)

おじょうさま - ojyousama – is often used to mean a “spoilt brat” these days. :)   You can also use it as a joke with friends e.g. she says “I’m not eating there” and you say “おじょうさまやね!”

There is also one other kanji for hime that is usually only used for place names, 媛,  for example I live in 愛媛 – ehime – prefecture which means “love princess”   Which is a pretty cool place to live when you think of it! :)


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