How to say “sorry for my bad Japanese”


Q: Hi! How do you say “Sorry for my bad Japanese”? I think I might need this phrase! Also how do you say “I like…” e.g I like reading? Thank you! – Chessy

A: Probably the most humble way to say “sorry for my bad Japanese” is probably something like すみません、日本語はちょっと。。。 sumimasen  nihongo  wa chotto … and fade the sentence off. It means “sorry (my) Japanese is a bit …..”   Usually you will be guaranteed a reply of いいえ、お上手ですよ! iie, o jyouzu desu yo! – no, you’re amazing!

To say “I like” you say 好き- suki.  So “I like reading” would be 読むのが好き yomu no ga suki

Be genki,


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