How to say “That was fun!” in Japanese

Q: Konnichiwa! O genki desu ka? How do you say “Are you having fun?”, “That was fun!”, and “Is it good?” in Japanese? Arigotou gozaimasu. – Dani

A: Konnniciwa, genki desu yo, okagesama de.

Good questions these because you hear them all the time in Japan.

The key word you need is 楽しい – tanoshii – which means “fun.”

And everything in Japan has to be fun.  You get asked all the time if things are fun.

The easiest way to  say “Are you having fun?”  is to simply say 楽しい?

Dead easy.

“That was fun!” is in the past so you say 楽しかった! – tanoshikatta!

Again you hear this all the time.

I can’t count how many times I’ve overheard it in Starbucks this morning as everyone is talking about their weekend!

“Is it good?” is not a phrase you hear that often in Japanese.

Except, if you’re talking about food when you always hear “Is it good?” as “美味しい?” – oishii

To which you reply 美味しい!!!!!

Hope that helps.


Be genki,


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