How to study art in Japan?

Q: Hello :)  I really find your webpage wonderful, it as already taught me a lot, but the problem is: My parents won’t let me go to Japan if it hasn’t anything to do with my studies, and my Japanese is not good enough to get by even as a minimum. In fact, the language was that I really wanna learn by going there. But as this has nothing to do with my studies, my question is the following: Is there any places in Japan where they teach art in English and have Japanese classes at the same time? And what visa would it require to go and study there a whole year? (I’m from Denmark)  I hope you can help Christine

A; Hi Christine, I’d say get in touch with embassy and try and find if there are any scholarships you can find to go and study art in Japan.  They can be a bit tough for Europeans to get, but they are out there if you dig hard enough!

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  1. José Magalhães says:

    Don’t know if you know this website already, but still, here it is
    If you go there you can find alot of information, and also do as Richard said, check the embassy of Japan in Denmark (I’m from Portugal, and the Japanese embassy here actualy has information about going to study in Japan).
    Also, if you go to Japan with a scholarship you’ll get 6 months of Japanese language classes.
    About classes in English in Japan… well, have no idea 😛
    Good luck.

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