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Greetings, Richard Sensei!!!
Just quickly, I’m seriously loving this site – it has taught me sooo much. Keep up the good work :)

So, I work in a pharmacy that is only 2 streets away from an international college and we get the occasional exchange student come in whose English is very good. Can you please give me some examples of questions and answers I can use like, “Where does it hurt?” “How did this happen?” “Do you feel unwell?” and things like that, plus what types of responses I’d get. The other staff always come running to me because I studied Japanese in high school but it’s a bit rusty now.
Thank you :) – Jess

A:  Hi Jess, thanks for the nice words! :)

“Do you feel unwell?” = kibun ha dou desu ka = 気分はどうですか? (Notice the 気 from “Genki” in there!)   to which they’d probably say something like “….. がいたい” = …. hurts.

“Where does it hurt?” = どこがいたいですか? = doko ga itai desu ka    And the best thing here is for them to point!

There are a few ways of saying “How did this happen?”

“dou shita?” is the one you use with friends.

or you could say “dou shitan desu ka?” to be a bit more polite.

You’ll also need 大丈夫ですよ = daijyoubu desu yo = Don’t worry, everything is OK!   Japanese people like to hear that a lot, especially from health workers! :)

Also have a look at the  game here for extra examples of answers they might give!

Be genki,


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