Is fall a good time to visit Japan?

Q: Hi there Richard!

Maybe you’ve already answered this… but I’m really hoping to get to Japan whether this year or the next.
I really don’t know any Japanese at all, but I’ve always been drawn to the Japanese culture for some reason. Mainly the old ways/traditions (today’s stuff is cool too)… reason why I’m planning to head straightly to Kyoto.

Was wondering if Fall would be a good season… planning getting there sometime near August? That way I might have around 6 months to buy a somewhat cheap flight. Flights are not cheap whatever your departure city is… that’s why I’m looking to buy the ticket way ahead of time.
I’m getting there from Mexico =)

Also if there could be any piece of advice for a total noob like me in getting there, it will be highly appreciate it!!

I also thought of getting there near April to see the Cherry Blossoms (Sakuras if I’m not mistaken), but I decided to ask you since I’m pretty sure you’ve had plenty of experience in Japan.

Arigato gosaimasu! – Edgar

A:  Hi Edgar,

Yep, fall (autumn) is a great time to visit Japan!

But ….. August isn’t fall!  August is super, super far too hot and unbelievably sticky.

Fall starts mid October and runs for a couple of weeks.

It is a really great time to visit temperature wise, and there are also lots of festivals going on.

Springtime is also really good, but it can be really difficult to plan your trip to conincide with the Sakura Cherry Blossoms as they are only out for a few days and those days vary so much each year.  For example last this year looks like a whole week’s difference to last year!

Sakura is beautiful, but if you want to play it safe then fall probably is the best!

Be genki,


P.S.  Do check out the “Get Fluent” material – you’ve got plenty of time to get the nihongo up to scratch!

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