Is sorry in Japanese suimasen or sumimasen?

Q: hey, rich! I have a question, i dont know if it’s been answered in the FAQ yet.
Is the correct way of saying sorry ‘sumimasen’ or ‘suimasen’?
In different dramas I watch some girls say ‘sumimasen’ but some older women say ‘suimasen’
which is correct? – Linda

A: Both are correct!  I guess sumimasen is more popular, but you hear both!

2 Responses to “Is sorry in Japanese suimasen or sumimasen?”

  1. jadore_violet says:

    I just read a question about sumimasen meaning sorry but i thought sumimasen was more of an excuse me sort of sorry rather than litterally sorry if that makes sense. is it not komenasai that is a literal translation of sorry?

  2. Richard says:

    Yeah “sumimasen” is the “excuse me” type of sorry, like “I’m sorry to bother you but ….”

    Gomen nasai is the “I did something wrong” type of sorry!

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