Japanese chatrooms

Q: I would first like to say thank you as many have, I hope that this site will offer accurate translations, though it is hard to translate Japanese into English do to alot of differences.

A: Thanks for the nice words!  The translations are as accurate as they can be,  and going from English to Japanese I run it by a few people to make sure I haven’t missed anything!  I will translate things according to how we use them, rather than a standard dictionary way, so pretty much anything can be translated.

I would also hope that you would keep this free to the public.

I plan to! It does cost money to host the sites and make the materials, but as people are buying the mp3s and recommending the site to friends so hopefully it will be free for a long time to come!

I feel that in the future it will be a necessity to learn. I would like to know if you plan on adding a chatroom for this site for others to share and perhaps practice their form of grammer in japanese with each other. This I feel will help others that might have trouble learning it. –  Christopher

This is something that keeps coming up.  On my GenkiEnglish site I also have several thousand Japanese people who are wanting to learn English and it would be great if I could join you all up somehow.  I’m not quite sure how to do it though, any ideas would be much appreciated!

Be genki,


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