Japanese classes, good?

Q: I just started using your site to learn japanese and I must say that since I began yesterday I have learned an enormous amount already! Your methods are very effective.  Thanks so much for everything!!!
One quick question.  Did you learn Japanese on your own or did you attend classes in college to learn them?  I’m attempting on my own and I was just wondering!!! thanks! 😀   ~T.A.

A: I guess I cheated because I learnt Japanese in Japan!  Usually by going out drinking with friends and always carrying an electronic dictionary with me.

But when I’m learning other languages I find the best way is to work on your own, with as many materials as you can get,  and have a private tutor.  That way you can cram as much as you can, but then have private lessons to check your pronunciation, where you are making mistakes or to ask questions etc.

College classes should be good as they should be high quality, but always check them out first as some classes can be really boring.  In any case I’d always recommend a private tutor, even if it’s only once a month or only over Skype, as you’ll get feedback that’s exactly on your level, rather than the average of everyone else in the class!

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