Japanese Souvenirs

Q: My name is Jess and I am going to Japan for the first time in just a matter of weeks. I have already bought souvenirs and little bits and pieces for the family I am going to be staying with, but I am unsure of what to buy for my family and friends whilst I’m over there.  Do you have any suggestions as to what Japanese souvenirs, etc. they would like? (Only because you know what types of things are over there)  Thank-you very much!!! – Jess.

A: Hi Jess,

To be honest I wouldn’t worry at all about what to bring back.  Japan is a total shopping paradise and you will be bowled over everyday with the crazy and funky stuff you can buy over here!  Finding good gifts will not be a problem, if anything your problem will be fitting everything in your return baggage!

With regards gifts coming TO Japan then always bring lots and lots of extra small gifts, stickers, pens etc. etc. You’ll always end up meeting way more people than you expected and it always pays to have a few little gifts available!

Be genki,


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