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Q: Richard, I’m sure this isn’t worthy of your busy day, but if you could please help me, it would be MOST appreciated.  I’m trying to move to Japan to attend one of those schools that teach the Japanese language, and it seems so complicated.  Am I that dumb? (Rhetorical…no answer required)  Do you have any websites that you might recommend?  Or are these schools all just a scam? Such things as “Proof of financial responsibility” and “sponsors” and”transcripts from my last school” (that was a long time ago)…seem too much.   Is this sort of stuff the norm???
Help?  – Roger
A: Hi Roger.  I would hazard a guess that the reason the school is asking for so much information is for immigration reasons to get a visa so you can study here.  Just like the US, Europe or anywhere really, Japan can be very demanding  when it comes to paperwork for visas.   Most schools are legit in Japan, it’s a very trustworthy country in general,  but one good tip is to search out all the forums for advice on your particular school.  You should soon figure out if they are good or not,  plus you might also meet some people who are currently stuyding here.
One other thing is to look out for the various scholarships and things that different Japan organisations have.  I met some people the other night who had their tuition fees paid and got a very nice monthly allowance!  As usual, googling  for “Japan scholarships” or such like and a bit of time may turn up a chunk of Japanese gold for you!
Be genki,

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