Learn Japanese Counters for People: 10 Little Samurai

The first thing they ask when you go to a Japanese restaurant in Japan is “何名様?” – nan mei sama = how many people?

Now you’d think you could just hold up your fingers and say “一 ichi = one” or “二 ni = two” followed by “人 nin =

people”. But no, you have to say 一人 hitori for one person, or 二人 futari for two people!

Luckily after that it gets a bit easier.

But I made this song to make them all stick in your head, ready for your first trip to a real Japanese restaurant!

Of course to make it more fun I’ve included lots of 侍 - samurai! You might of heard of 七人の侍 = shichi nin no samurai = 7 samurai the famous movie?

So remember the song and impress your friends when you walk into a Japanese restaurant. Just don’t say “no samurai” afterwards, they’d just throw you out for being cheeky! ; )

The only other word in the song is “いるよ – i ru yo” which sort of means “there are”. But don’t worry about that for now, it’s mainly just there to balance the lyrics of the song up.

And yes, in Japan they still do sing this song as “10 little Indians” – political correctness hasn’t made its way over here properly yet!

Enjoy the song, give me some thumbs and feedback, tell your friends to subscribe and I’ll see if I can make some more songs for you!

Be genki,


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