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  1. Simon says:

    Hi, love you site.

    Just wanted to say, you linked to the wrong Michel Thomas Course (green vr).

    You should link to this one instead: (red vr)

    They are identical, except the packaging. I tried to buy the green one (like u linked to) early this year and it was like a wild goose chase, finally I was sent the course and it came as the red one.

    I agree its a great course! best way for a white person to get confidence in saying crazy Japanese words!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Hello Richard, I was looking at your review on the Michel Thomas Japanese course and it seems like a really good start on learning the Japanese language. The only concern I have is the actual reading and writing. I was thinking of getting the Rosette Stone to help me with reading and writing, it’s a bit expensive though. What did you use to help you to learn to read and write in Japanese or what do you recommend? Many thanks, Rebecca.

  3. Richard says:

    I’d use a wordtank for reading and writing. Or the GenkiJapan.net kana games. But that’s for after you can speak the language with Michel Thomas!

  4. Jess says:

    I found a 1 hour long free mp3 download of part of the Michel Thomas method. If you go to this site http://www.michelthomas.co.uk/soundclips.htm#javascript you will see a list of mp3 files to start learning many different languages. I downloaded the japanese mp3 and it’s around 1 hour 12 minutes long. It’s a really good way to get an idea of how they go about teaching you. I thought it was really amazing and I was really retaining the information. I wasn’t even aware I had been listening for 30 minutes until I tried to write a review for a friend.

  5. Richard says:

    Nice find! :)

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