Make it easier to read in Japanese

Q: hey could u make it easier to learn how to read in japanese? –  nami

A: That’s quite a tough question!  : )

What I’d suggest is…

1. Find something that you really want to read, something that even if it was in English you’d read and read it over again.

2. Getting something with “furigana” with the reading above the kanji is really useful for looking up words.  Anything that is written/rewritten for teenagers or tweens will have a furigana version.

3. Skip any words you don’t understand.

4. Unless that word comes up three times or more, in which case look it up in an electronic dictionary ( they are so much faster!).

Hopefully that should help you out!

Be genki,


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  1. Ryan says:

    Great website,it’s really sukoii!
    Could you tell me how to say “Belgium” in Japanese?

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