Michel Thomas Japanese Foundation or Introductory course?

Q: Hello, Richard! And Merry Christmas!
My mother has promsied to get me a Japanese learning set for my christmas! (YEESS!) so I asked for the Michel Thomas one. She’s not very good with computers so I said I would look it up for her. But I got quite confused. I am not sure which course to buy. The foundation or introductory. I am thinking foundation but i figured I’d better ask you. Thanks again, Ookami xx


They do pick names that make the courses difficult to choose don’t they!

But definitely go for the 8 CD foundation course. That’s the one you want.

If you buy the 2 CD Introductory course then you’ll have the re-buy the same two CDs when you move up to the foundation course!

So Foundation course all the way. I wish they would sort their naming out though!

Be genki,


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