Moshi Moshi and I love you

Q: 1) When would I say “Mushi Mushi”? I know to say it when answering the phone…but what is it? Is it just a greeting?

2) Does Aishteru mean I love you??? – Zayna

A: Hi Zayna.  “Mushi” actually means “bug” so I think you probably mean “moshi moshi”! : )   It’s doesn’t actually mean anything as such, you just use it to make sure the other person can hear you on the phone!  You hear it all the time in offices as people pick up the phone and say “moshi moshi”.

And yes Aishiteru 愛してる means “I love you”  – but it’s a very potent way of saying it, so make sure you really feel it!

Be genki,


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