OK, Cute and I promise in Japanese

Q: Konnichi wa! ^^ O genki desu ka? Hey I have a question for u..um how would you say “It’s gunna be ok”, “your cute”, “i promise” in Japanese..oh and How would u say my in Japanese? well Arigatou Richard-Kun Mata ne Jade

A: Hi Jade. Konnhichi wa!. Kochira genki desu yo!

For it’s gonna be OK, you’d normally just say “大丈夫ですよ! = dai jyu bo desu yo = it’s OK!”

For “you’re cute” you’d simply say “かわいい = kawaii” The person you’re talking to would hopefully know you were talking about them!

You can hear these two pronounced on my useful Japanese phrases page:
“I promise” is another one you hear all the time, it’s “約束!= ya ku so ku”. You would then curl your little finger around your friend’s little finger to seal the promise!

Finally “my” is usually said as “私の = wa ta shi no” for girls or “僕の = bo ku no” for boys. (Although in some formal cases boys might also use watashi no).

Keep the questions coming,

Be genki,


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