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  • How many children do Japanese families have?


    Yazeed wrote in to ask: Greetings Richard I’ve been meaning to ask you for a while, whenever I’m watching something related to Japan be it anime or movies, I can’t help but notice: they rarely have more than 2-3 kids. How many children are there in an average Japanese family? Is not having many children […]

  • Tip for learning Katakana


    Today is a little different, not a question but a great tip for learning katakana from Randy! Richard, I love your website. Please keep up the good work. There is one tip that works for me that I would like to share with others. In an attempt to learn katakana, I apply it to something […]

  • How to say “Princess” in Japanese – Hime sama or ojyou sama?


    Bethany wrote in to ask: Hi Richard! あなたのビデオがだいすき! Your website has really helped me a lot in learning Japanese. But I have a slightly odd question for you. My friend and I are writing a story, and she wanted to use the Japanese term for princess “おじょうさま” as part of the name. However, I thought […]

  • How to find the time to learn Japanese?


    Billy wrote in to ask: I’m trying to learn Japanese but I am finding that I’m very time poor with other more important studies getting in the way. Can you suggest a method for keeping the Japanese ball rolling while not being able to spend the hours usually necessary to effectively learn? I’m still just […]

  • Will reading manga help me learn Japanese?


    Abdulrahman wrote in to ask: If I read manga In Japanese will this boost my Japanese language. And thank you If you understand most of what you are reading, then yes it will. If you’re not understanding it though it won’t help too much (except in maybe helping you learn some readings of kanji) so […]

  • Rice Bashing in Japan!


    I’ve got a video for you this week, of Japanese Rice Bashing!  It’s called 餅つき – mochi tsuki – and you end up with the thick “mochi” rice. It’s very popular at this time of year. Mind you this is in a supermarket, when they do it in the country side there is someone in […]

  • How to say “You’re welcome” in Japanese


    Nethra wrote in to ask: I have been wondering how to say you’re welcome in Japanese.I have looked it up and tried asking other people, but nothing helped… Thanks, nethra Very simple, it’s どういたしまして = dou itashimashite It is a bit of a mouth full, but worth remembering. Or if you can’t get your tongue around […]

  • How to say “I need …” in Japanese


    Joseph wrote in to ask: hello how would i say “i need (put word here)” in japanese ? 必要 – hitsu you – is the word you need for “need.” e.g. パソコンが必要 – you need a computer (or “I need a computer” or even “A computer is needed”) You can also say …. がほしい = […]

  • What does “hajimemashite” mean?


    Q:  Hello, man I have a question. My japanese teacher tell me to say “Kon ni chiwa”   “Ha ji me ma shi te” but I dont know what the second line means, any idea? A:  Hajime is the start of something, so hajimemashite is the greeting you use the very first time you meet […]

  • Genki Japan Calendar for December!


    I haven’t done one of these for a while, but it is Christmas! P.S.  There are more posters similar to this in the Learn Japanese download pack, do pick it up before I put the price back up later on today!

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