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  • How to make sushi step1: Is your sushi this fresh?

    OK, I wasn’t too sure about putting this video up here, but I guess you want to be prepared as to what you *could* get if you order real sushi in Japan! (Replay the first 5 seconds again!)

  • How to say I love *to do* something in Japanese?

    After the “How to say I like/I love…” in Japanese“, Alexis wrote in to ask: How to explain that I like or  love to *do* something? The textbooks usually give you the phrase …..ことが好き ( ….  koto ga suki) For example, 食べる (taberu) means “to eat” so 食べることが好き means “I like to eat.” But … […]

  • Is fall a good time to visit Japan?

    Q: Hi there Richard! Maybe you’ve already answered this… but I’m really hoping to get to Japan whether this year or the next. I really don’t know any Japanese at all, but I’ve always been drawn to the Japanese culture for some reason. Mainly the old ways/traditions (today’s stuff is cool too)… reason why I’m […]

  • Japan Calendar for May: Greenery Day

    Last year we had a calendar for May 5th, Children’s Day, and this year it’s the turn of May 4th, Greenery Day. Japanese gardens that pay for entry are very often free on this day. But apart from that it is usually just seen as one day of the “Golden Week” holidays. The weather is […]

  • How to get good pronunciation of foreign words

    Q: 안녕하세요! Now I may be a little different as I am actually learning Korean…not Japanese (good job on GenkiKorean by the way), but I feel that this question may apply to anyone learning any language. I mainly have a problem with pronouncing these words in a way that seems…well…decent. Doesn’t matter what language I […]

  • Do Japanese have to get special keyboards like one for hiragana and the other for katakana?

    Q: Hi I was wondering do Japanese have to get special keyboards like one for hiragana and the other for katakana? – Claire A: Well, here is a picture of my computer’s keyboard: As you can see there are hiragana marks on all the keys.  But no one uses those these days. Instead we just […]

  • How to stay focused when learning Japanese

    Q: I’m sending this e-mail to ask if you had any tips to help me stay focused while learning Japanese. I tend to study hard for 2-3 days and then I put it off for a month then when I go back and learn it I have to re-learn everything again. I really want to […]

  • Have you ever been to Disneyland Tokyo?

    Q: Dear Mr. Richard, Your web site is amazing, as a middle school student I wish all my classes where taught like that. I am really interested in Japanese language and culture and I was wondering if you have ever been to the Disney world in Tokyo? Thank you for reading, – Lauren A:  Hi Lauren […]

  • Sakura Lit Up & April Calendar

    It’s cherry blossom time. So here is your Cherry Blossom themed calendar for April. As usual, do let me know if you like it and I’ll try and get another for you next month! And as promised, here is the video of the lit up Sakura! Again, do let me know if you like it!

  • Is Sakura pink or white?

    One question I get every year is: Is 桜 – Sakura – cherry blossom –  pink or white? Seeing as the cherry blossoms are so beautiful, I figured I’d do a video to show you – it is pretty cool! Do like or share the post if you’d like me to film the cherry blossoms […]

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