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  • How to learn Japanese for free

    Q: ok a few thing i have wanted to learn Japaneses for a long time now but i don’t have that kind of money for all that and I’ve tried a lot of thing on the internet but that doesn’t work so  do you have any suggestions for me like where i could get that […]

  • What is the Japanese staple diet

    Q: what is the japanese staple diet –  smith A: I’m not sure really, I guess it depends on where you live.  I’m in Tokyo this week and everyone seems to exist on beer, coffee and balls of rice!   In the countryside, where I live, the usual meal everyday is that everyone has a […]

  • How to learn Arabic

    Q: Genki Arabic please –   Sophie A: It’s on its way!  The problem we are having is which dialect to base it on. For the time being I’d highly recommend the Michel Thomas Arabic course.  It really is the best method for learning a language and it’s amazing they have an Arabic version.  I’ve […]

  • How to say 2008 in Japanese

    Q: how do you say 2008? –  aman A: You’d write it as 2008 and say it as 二千八年 (ni sen hachi nen).  It’s quite easy if you’ve done the Japanese Numbers video. You could be posh and say 平成20年 (hei sei ni jyu nen) but you only really see that on formal things like when applying […]

  • Japanese chatrooms

    Q: I would first like to say thank you as many have, I hope that this site will offer accurate translations, though it is hard to translate Japanese into English do to alot of differences. A: Thanks for the nice words!  The translations are as accurate as they can be,  and going from English to […]

  • What do zutto and demo mean?

    Q: Hello! It’s me, Kirari again. XD What do ‘zutto’ and ‘demo’ mean? ~Kirari Zutto (ずっと) means “forever”, you hear it a lot! e.g. how long will you live here, forever? Demo でも is also a really, really good word to learn in Japanese as it means “but” when you join two sentences together.

  • How do you say bad in japanese

    Q: How do you say bad in japanese? – Carly A: Bad is 悪い = wa ru i.  But more often than not you’d usually say 良くない = yo ku na i, which means “not good” Be genki, Richard

  • Very in Japanese

    Q: What would “very” be in Japanese?  Sinead A:  Very is とても =to te mo.   You do hear it a lot! Be genki, Richard

  • What does Futari mean?

    Q: Hello! I just love this site. It is so informational; I like it a lot!! I am wondering what does the word “futari” mean? I see that sometimes quite a few times in songs.  Kirari A: This is an easy one, “futari” means “two people”, which is quite easy to work out when you […]

  • Women & Mens Bathrooms in Japanese

    Q: Hey Richard I love your website! But however I have a quick question. I might be going to Japan soon and I’m worried that I would pronounce things wrong of say something I didn’t mean/get lost Yikes! What is some simple Kanji for Women’s bathroom or Men’s bathroom, or maybe even just some basic […]

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