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  • How do you say hi in Japanese?

    Q: how do you say hi in Japanese? A: Good question!  “Hello” is usually translated as こんにちは konnichiwa, and you’d also use that for friends when going out etc.  I don’t think there is really anything we use like “hi”,  although just saying “元気?= genki?” is quite common, meaning “What’s up?” Be genki, Richard

  • Difference between Hiragana and Katakana?

    Q: Um.. one question whats the diffrence between Hiragana and Katakana? – Alexa A: Katakana is used mainly for writing words that are borrowed from English ( or other languages) such as ゲーム = ge mu = game.  Hiragana is used for filling the bits in between the Chinese Kanji Characters.  If you speak English […]

  • OK, Cute and I promise in Japanese

    Q: Konnichi wa! ^^ O genki desu ka? Hey I have a question for u..um how would you say “It’s gunna be ok”, “your cute”, “i promise” in Japanese..oh and How would u say my in Japanese? well Arigatou Richard-Kun Mata ne Jade A: Hi Jade. Konnhichi wa!. Kochira genki desu yo! For it’s gonna […]

  • Rosetta Stone, Kana and I’m lost!

    Q:  Hi, my name is jonathan and I wound up stumbling upon your site when i was searching on pointers on how to learn japanese. I found the katakana voice chart extremely useful to start and i got a copy of rosetta stone japanese but when i started playing around in a sense i found […]

  • 70 Page Katakana Worksheet Book

    Q: I have a question about the: 70 page Katakana Worksheets PDF Book. + FREE download A4 poster book, etc  If I buy it, I have to download, or you send the stuff? And if you send it, how much do you charge for shipping and handle? I hope you can understand my questions.   Marycruz […]

  • Omoi, Basho, Toki & Dakishimete in Japanese

    Q: o genki desu ka? sensei. i want to ask what mean omoi,  dakishimete, basho, toki, i see this word in many song. ja ne  – esura Hi Esura, Kochira genki desu yo! Here we go:  Omoi = 想い = a thought (although it could mean “重い = heavy”, but probably not in a song!) […]

  • Japanese alphabet chart

    Q: This is very helpful. could you put the alphabet in Japanese on a chart and post it? thank you. – shelby . A: There are actually 3 extra types of alphabets in Japanese. And here are the printable charts for you: The Katakana Chart & Hiragana Chart The other alphabet is “kanji” Chinese characters, […]

  • I love you in Japanese

    Q: How do u say i love u A: Literally “I love you” in Japanese is “ai shite imasu = 愛しています = あい して います”, but this sounds a bit like you’ve just translated it directly from the English, and isn’t really used in Japan. The phrase you use most often in Japanese is “大好き! = dai suki = […]

  • Will you marry me and say what in Japanese

    Q: Hey How do u say “Will you marry me?” and “Say what?!” in Hiragana? oh and i love the this site xD – Jade . A: Hi Jade. “Will you marry me?” in Japanese is “kekkon shite kudasai = けっこん して ください = 結婚 して ください”. It ‘s more “marry me!” rather than asking “will you marry me?”. WIth […]

  • Plus and Minus in Japanese

    Q: How do you say plus in hiragana like in mathematics? and minus? . Plus in Japanese is 足す =たす = tasu e.g. 1 tasu 1 wa 2 Minus in Japanese is 引く = ひく = hiku e.g. 5 hiku 3 wa 2

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