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  • This year’s cherry blossoms are out and no pollution warnings today!

    As you may have heard the Cherry Blossoms are early this year! And what’s even better is that today we haven’t got any pollution warnings out, so we can go check them out. Hope you like the video!

  • First 100 Kanji Updated

    I’ve written before about how useful it is to learn the first 100 Kanji really well. (It’s basically because all the other 2,000 kanji are built up from these, so spending a few hours writing each of the first 100 out correctly is an investment well worth making.) The link I included in that post […]

  • Japanese Questions Selection: Nationalities, Food & Yoroshiku

    Sonny wrote in to ask … I would like to ask you a few questions about Japanese. Firstly, which are the Japanese words for Greece and Greek? I think, though, the nationality is formed by adding the word “jin” after the country. Is the adjective “greek”, for example “greek cuisine”, formed the same? Correct with […]

  • Illness and Injury Japanese

    Greetings, Richard Sensei!!! Just quickly, I’m seriously loving this site – it has taught me sooo much. Keep up the good work So, I work in a pharmacy that is only 2 streets away from an international college and we get the occasional exchange student come in whose English is very good. Can you please give me […]

  • Japan Calendar For March: Girls’ Day

    It’s doll festival time again in Japan, this year on March 3rd. If you go to someone’s house and they have a daughter they will probably have the most amazing collection of dolls on display. And this is the inspiration for this month’s calendar. As usual,  pin it, like it or share it if you […]

  • How to say “Yes, please! in Japanese

    Q: I just got home from Japan and realised I don’t know how to say “yes, please”. Is it rude to just use hai? I tried onegaishimasu but it felt wrong… Also I’d like to ask if you know any easy stories in japanese, made for studying? Thanks for a great webpage! – Leila A: Hi […]

  • How to get an acting job in Japan

    Q: Konnichi wa! O genki desu ka? I love your website, as a beginner to Japanese, I am learning a lot of new stuff. I was wondering if there were any acting companies in Japan that help foreigners get accustomed to learning Japanese but also help hone your craft, sort of like J-Boys does for […]

  • Career Options Involving Japanese

    Q: Hello! My name is Kelli. I am from the United States and am in Grade 11 in high school. Before I ask my questions, I would like to thank both you and your website for aiding me and inspiring me to continue teaching myself Japanese, even when I doubt my ability to do so. […]

  • Difference between カ and 力

    マリナ wrote in to ask. I really love your site and the FAQ is always really helpfull! Therefore I have 2 questions that could help me even more! 1. How can one see the difference between the Katakana カ (ka) and the Kanji 力 (chikara)? In most fonts and handwriting there is very little (or […]

  • Ski Season in Japan: February Calendar!

    February is ski season in Japan and the amazing ice festival in Hokkaido. Whilst the apres ski is often pretty terrible (freezing buildings with no central heating!) the powder is totally world class. So to celebrate, here is your GenkiJapan.net calendar for February. As usual, if you like it please pin, share or like it […]

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