Please write the Japanese in English

Q: I like the videos and find them helpful. But I think they would be even more helpful if there was the written word above the english word. Cool site! – Allen

A: Hi Allen, thank you very much for the feedback.  It’s a good point and something I hear a lot.  To be honest if I was just in this to make a load of money and become super popular on Youtube then I’d do everything in romaji, because that’s what everyone seems to want.

But…. from experience I also know that as soon something is written in English letters you tend to sound it out like your native language, and it becomes less and less Japanese.  For example し isn’t “shi” or “si”, it’s somewhere inbetween.   Of course you can’t hear this yourself, and it’s not until you get to Japan that realise what’s happening when just get complete blank looks from everyone!

Hence why I’d much prefer it for everyone to learn by just listening to the songs first lots of times to get the sounds right, and then it’s easy to make the jump to hiragana and or katakana.

But … am I just stupid trying to be like Whole Foods?  Or should I just be like McDonalds and give everyone what they want even though it’s not in the slightest bit healthy?  Tough call!

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  1. Robert says:

    Keep doing the videos the way you think is best for us! The McDonald’s route is not good at all, and I really appreciate your approach.


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